Shopping guides and reviews if you buy dresses online from China

"I am going to prom this year on a budget and was thinking of getting my dress from you. But when I check your information, it shows me that you are based in China. I'm afraid because many customers got negative experience from China dresses. Then how do I trust you?"

This is a message that we received from our customers. We thought that almost 99%+ customers may concern about this problem. Now we will talk about it. People don't trust China products mostly because of low price, low quality, no returns, late delivery or not same as shown pictures.

QueenaBelle Prom Dresses 2016

  • Low Price

Low price is the key reason that people buy from China. As we know, most China products are cheap than local ones. Why? Do we lower the quality to lower the price? Answer is absolutely no! One main reason is the low labor cost in China, so Apple lets China factories to make iPhones. And another key reason is the currency exchange rate and purchasing power. Nowadays, the currency rate between US Dollar and Chinese Yuan is around 1:6. This rate is useless if you don't take international business. But if you do sell abroad, it matters. e.g. a dress cost you 300 USD (1800CNY) in a … Read more